Aaron Khor Personal Training involves a combination of western fitness, Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to build the body. Master Aaron Khor is also a Qualified Personal Trainer. He provides services for personal training including weight loss, muscle gain, strength training, body conditioning, High Intensity programs (HIIT), specific rehabilitation exercise programs to regain strength and others.

Master Aaron Khor combines Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories with Personal training. This means you learn the biomechanics of the human body in a more detailed and holistic perspective understanding the core of how the body functions. Using Tai Chi methods, the exercises are safer, more stable and focus a lot on the internal structures whilst getting the body in the right position (postural alignment). This also involves the use of breathing whilst training and taking it at your own pace to build the body.

Working the muscles is more than just repeating movements fast, doing it slow like Tai Chi increases the blood circulation and the relaxation of the body and mind. This form of training enables the body to be more relaxed in a calm state enabling you to increase the heart rate to the appropriate level without exerting any excessive force or intensity to the body.

The goal of personal training with Master Aaron Khor is to increase the longevity of the body, strengthen the joints, muscles, ligaments, bones and internal bodily systems to help change the lifestyle of every individual.

As part of his Personal Training Qualification, Master Aaron Khor undertook studies in becoming a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) and Nutritional Advisor. He has completed a Certificate IV in Nutrition and is a member with the Nutrition Council of Australia. His certificate is nationally recognised and is able to provide basic food meal plans. In combination with nutrition, Master Aaron Khor combines Chinese Medicine diets and foods to help strengthen the internal organ functions so that the body does not weaken over time.