Corporate Tai Chi Classes

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi provides specific tailored classes for any corporate company. In the corporate sector, the academy has tailored courses for large companies.  Such as IBM, Telstra, Women’s Health, Sydney Water and many other firms. Many of our instructors have worked in the corporate field. And have a deep understanding of the stress and challenges people face. Courses can be arranged at any venue or even at the office. Early morning sessions, lunch time or even after work are suitable. 

Tai Chi is suitable for companies that are having a wellbeing days or mental awareness days. Tai Chi is effective in helping to improve the workforce atmosphere. Because the simple exercises help to keep individuals relaxed. 

Contact us now and let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen. 
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Benefits of Tai Chi for corporate companies include: 

– Demonstrating a “care factor” for all staff members 
– Health and Relaxation for the Mind, Body and Spirit
– Encourage movement and exercise 
– Reduce musculoskeletal pain especially neck pain in the office
– Increase staff resilience 
– Increase focus, concentration and management of workload and pressures by the team or manager
– Improve employee/individuals physical and mental health wellbeing 
– Improve workplace morale 
– Improve productivity and performance 
– Reduce staff members being absence and turnover of staff therefore reducing training cost & recruitment