Christmas Tai Chi Voucher


Christmas Tai Chi Vouchers are available to purchase for Tai Chi Classes. Give your friend or family the gift of health, the best gift they could ask for reflecting your care, love and affection. Tai Chi is a fantastic exercise to give your friends and family to enjoy as they will have an entire hour to themselves of learning Health and Relaxation. The movements are so simple and easy, they are able to follow them with ease whilst improving their health. Show your friends and family how much you love them.

This voucher is for a beginners course of 10 weeks (1 term).

Vouchers will be e-mailed to you personally once it is created, ensure e-mail address is put in when ordering.

Please provide details of the person you are buying this voucher for including – Name, Mobile Number and E-mail address when purchasing.

All Vouchers are to be confirmed with Headoffice for validation.

Vouchers cannot be transferred to another person. Each voucher is only valid for one person per purchase and for one use. Expiration date is generally one year from purchase. Vouchers can only be used within the 1 term. Vouchers cannot be carried on over to another term.

Vouchers are NON-Refundable | Not Redeemable for Cash