Immortal Silver Flute


Immortal Silver Flute teaches you how to use a weapon or item as an extension of the body. It benefits the joints, motor skills, control, reaction time, flexibility, strength and blood circulation. Immortal Silver Flute reinforces the principles and techniques learned in Tai Chi and:
– Enhances muscular control and co-ordination
– Enhances Qi Control
– Enhances Yi and Shen Power
– Provides an additional aesthetically pleasing exercise system

Practising the Immortal Silver Flute helps to improve the Yi and Shen (Intent and Spirit). The Yi is energy of the mind in the sense of willpower, focus and control. Shen is the energy of emotions in the sense of spirit, vitality and sense of well being. Just as we use exercise techniques in Tai Chi to enhance these energies. We can further develop and enhance them with the use of the Flute. By having the right intent and spirit, the Immortal Silver Flute set becomes a lot easier. This is because the focus of the mind is in a calm state which enables the person to have complete control. Therefore, balancing movements become a lot easier whilst maintaining the upper body relaxed. It is important to remember to slow down when learning. That way you can begin to feel light, balance, clarity and calmness.


Immortal Silver Flute

The Immortal Silver Flute is a great exercise set to improve muscle strength and flexibility. The Silver Flute can be interpreted as a short pole weapon. As a short pole, it can be used to strike, hit, block, deflect and create sound. Many of the basic movements come from Wu Shu basics stances. Whilst the Silver Flute set is performed in a Tai Chi style. The slower the movements, the more soothing and comfortable the body becomes. This allows blood circulation to warm the body. When the body is warm, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are less likely to become inflamed or injured. This increases the longevity of the body and increases the flexibility. There are approximately 51 movements in the entire Immortal Silver Flute set exercise. This book has pictures of Grandmaster Gary Khor performing the movements. The instructions in the book provide the directions and descriptions of the pictures. The exercise set contains a lot of weight bearing movements which improves stability, balance and co-ordination. In learning the Immortal Silver Flute, completing the Shibashi exercise sets would be recommended. A good foundation basis will help you grasp the movements in the Immortal Silver Flute. Learning to use a weapon as an extension of the body will take time. In learning this weapon, you need to understand that the body moves the flute rather than the flute moves you.

There is a DVD that can be purchased to help with the learning of this exercise. immortal-silver-flute