Lohan 1 Qigong


Lohan 1 Qigong DVD is suitable  for beginners! This DVD is performed by Grandmaster Gary Khor, each movement is performed and repeated 3 times showing you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Grandmaster Khor’s voice over explaining the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD goes together with the Lohan 1 learning aid booklet as a visual to help you learn.

This DVD will give you the basic foundations of Tai Chi strengthening the muscles of the legs including the quadriceps, hamstrings, gastronemius muscles, glutes, upright postural alignment, breathing, weight transfer and meditation whilst moving. It can be instantly relaxing, bringing one a sense of calm and peace. It has the potential to strengthen the physical body gently but deeply. It balances left and right hemispheres of the brain, enabling one to be ultimately focused in the present. The movements follow traditional martial arts principles. They involve full extension of the limbs in stretching movements and emphasise the development and use of the Shen (emotion/spirit) through use of mental imagery.