Tai Chi for a Stress Free Life


Tai Chi for a Stress Free Life talks about how to reduce stress, relax and achieve lasting health and lifestyle benefits in just 20 minutes a day – this is the goal of Tai Chi – the way to a healthy life. The ancient art of Tai Chi has been practised by the Chinese people for more than 700 years and is recognised as a proven system to promote relaxation and well-being for both young and old. Tai Chi Grandmaster Gary Khor outlines the fundamentals of this enriching art, renowned for combining principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy to encourage health and a stress-free lifestyle. Tai Chi – the way to a healthy life takes the reader through traditional patterns of movements with the aid of step-by-step photographs in a user-friendly format.

Grandmaster Gary Khor is the founder and president of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, the largest such organisation outside of China. The author of several books on Tai Chi, he has produced a series of videos, appeared on television and has had articles published in numerous magazines. Gary has conducted over 100 local and international workshops, and is also very involved in corporate stress-control programs.

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