Wild Goose Qigong


The Wild Goose Qigong is an exercise set that stimulates the movement of Qi and Blood to nourish the internal systems by using the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth). A major aim of this book is to introduce the Five Elements Theory in a practical way by showing its application to exercise. Once learned, the theory can be usefully applied throughout life in activities as diverse as cooking, eating or evaluating the energy effects of your house and garden.

Many of the movements use Tai Chi principles and are based on the animal itself, the way it moves and stretches for health benefits. The movements have Dao Yin elements, in that they use moving, stretching postures and acupoints focusing to stimulate the flow of Qi within the meridians. The basing of the movements on the behaviour of an animal (with particular focus on the ‘spirit’ or essence of that animal) is also a reminiscent approach taken by the famous Han Dynasty Doctor, Hua Tuo, in his ‘Five Animal Frolics’, while the alteration of Yin and Yang movements and mental imagery remind one of Tai Chi. The whole set consists of some 64 movements, a number of which are repeated seven times. This set extracts the key movements to provide the essence and form of the Wild Goose by Grandmaster Gary Khor.