Senior Instructor Alex McHarg

Senior Instructor Alex McHarg started Tai Chi in 1990s when his daughter asked him to keep her company when she attended a local Tai Chi class.  Alex was keeping fit jogging and attending the Gym as he had been a member of his Colliery’s Mines Rescue Squad and had carried on with this after leaving the squad.  

He found that he had a greater sense of wellbeing when practicing Tai Chi so carried on attending class even after his daughter had given up.

Alex’s work was is in engineering having studied and worked in both Electrical and Mechanical fields and graduating as a Master of Engineering Practice.

It is this background in Engineering that shapes his thinking and understanding of the principles of Tai Chi, using this knowledge to pass on to his students his understanding of these philosophies.

Tai Chi Journey
Alex started his Tai Chi journey in his local class, eventually being asked by his instructor if he would like to become a Trainee Instructor.  An invitation he accepted and started to attend Monthly training sessions in Newcastle learning from the then Chief Instructor Ken Pearsall and Deputy Chief Instructor Barbara Taylor.  

Being graded as an Instructor in 1999.  He was eventually given the role of Newcastle Training Officer and elevated to Senior Instructor in 2007, now attending Instructor training in Sydney with Grandmaster Khor and Master Aaron Khor.  

He has attended many Workshops and Seminars with Grandmaster Khor and travel to China five times on Academy tours to further his knowledge of the Art. He has also researched information on the internet and read many books on Tai Chi to reinforce the knowledge he has gained from Grandmaster Gary Khor’s teachings. Currently he also trains under Master Aaron Khor in Tai Chi and learns more about the art combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine theories.