Tai Chi is a suitable exercise for everyone at any stage of their life and any age. Tai Chi for beginners involve simple easy movements that emphasise on continuous circular breathing patterns. Circulating the breath through the spine and along the Energy Vessels (Chinese Meridians) known as Qi Meridians, helps to strengthen the body.

Tai Chi for Beginners does not have anything in common with heavy breathing, nor the exhaustive exercise of Western fitness programs. Tai Chi for beginners is a non-strenuous, relaxing but very efficient body and mind meditative exercise.

Tai Chi for Beginners movements include a slow-motion mime of martial art movements which is generally referred to as ‘Meditation in Motion”. The art stresses relaxation and concentration, with the mind and body moving in harmony together.


The essential qualities of Tai Chi for beginners are learning to slow down, feel light, feel clarity, balance and feel calm. Beginners in Tai Chi will generally feel some shakiness in muscles, this is quite common as the body is slowly developing the strength in a different posture. It will physically build up and tone the body particularly from the legs.

From using the legs, the trunk of the body is used to command all movements making the limbs, especially the arms follow. The head sits on the trunk of the body with an upright posture ensuring the cervical spine is not leaning forward. This helps to reduce the neck pain and the muscle pains in the body. Tai Chi for Beginners will provide the foundations of the gentle exercise art.   

Tai Chi For Beginners

Our beginners online Tai Chi course will introduce you to the rudimentary movements and aspects of Tai Chi. It will help boost your confidence and prepare you perfectly for other online Tai Chi courses designed for more experienced practitioners. A Tai Chi for beginners online is fantastic for those who lead busy lives and don’t have time to attend classes in person. Our Tai Chi video course can be viewed at your leisure and watched as often as you like. It gives you the opportunity to practice and perfect your moves on your own and is ideal for those who are perhaps a little more self-conscious.

One of the benefits when you learn Tai Chi online is that you get the opportunity to build your confidence without being conscious of others. Our beginners online Tai Chi course is perfect for taking you through everything step by step. Our Tai Chi for beginners online course has gradually evolved to ensure that you get the same benefits from attending one of our Tai Chi in Sydney classes. Perhaps unlike some other organisations that offer Tai Chi online, we are always keen to receive feedback and continually improve our courses and how we teach Tai Chi online.

Survey reports conducted by the Academy reflect how Tai Chi has helped many people:

Children (age 5-13 years) – Reports from teachers indicated improved attentiveness, calmness and overall behaviour in class (Richmond Primary School, Teacher W. Lew and C.Ryan).

Young Adults (Students 14 – 20 years) – Helped to calm the nerves and increase in concentration and relaxation during studies and exams (St. Vincents College, Potts Point and Sydney Girls high School).

Adults (21 – 85+ years) – Induced relaxation, improved stress management, changed sleep patterns and expanded awareness, concentration and working skills. It helped to provide a release for stiff body postures. (Business executives, office workers, doctors, nurses, housewives, labourers, senior citizens).

Sports Participants – Supplemented perfectly as a “warm up” and body toning system, and calmed nerves before a game or competition. Instilled concentration, control, co-ordination and precision (athletes, golfers, bowlers, cricketers, tennis and squash players, skiers, surfers).

Performing Arts – Enhanced balance, co-ordination, flexibility, flow and rhythm which helped to inspire augmented creativity (musicians, actors, dancers, masseurs).

Healing Benefits – Improved conditions of stress, headaches, backaches, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism, anaemia, indigestion, constipation, listlessness, mental strain, depression and nervous breakdown.