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The 44th Anniversary and FINAL WEEKEND RETREAT of the AATC at Collaroy. Features include Qigong, Tai Chi, Qi Meditation, Yin Yang Nutrition and Qi Massage.

RETREAT: Situated opposite the Collaroy Beach and back up to a forested hill, it is the perfect sanctuary for a tranquil weekend of learning and practising Qigong, Tai Chi, Energy meditation, and healing massage. Secluded away from the hustle & bustle of work and daily routine, a peaceful weekend to unwind and relax. And pick up some of the latest Qi energy skills from Australia’s leading Tai Chi and Qigong masters.

SUNRISE & SUNSET TAI CHI: Tai Chi & Qigong practice sessions at beautiful sunrises & sunset on the blue water beach and open green fields, the perfect environment to bathe in the cosmic & earth’s Qi energy and lift your spirit and consciousness to a blissful state.

Saturday 3rd Sept | 9am – 12noon Qi & Science of Meditation:

1. Qi breathing & COVID Immune Qigong

2. Qi meditation & Mental Health.

3. Qi balancing & Mindfulness Meditation

4. Cells & Inflammation Prevention

1.00 – 4.00pm Tai Chi & Qi Moving Meditation:

Form-Structure-Essence. Qi Movement Meditation is manifested when the mind-body-breath is integrated into one unit. The eternal quest is to achieve “stillness while in motion” and “motion while in stillness”. The way to realizing those goals is to first cultivate relaxation, balance, flow, and equilibrium. This session explores the key Tai Chi principles towards achieving effortless movements, mindfulness, inner calmness & balance, grounded & centred control, yin-yang equilibrium, body-mind-spirit harmony.

Sunday 4th Sept | 9am – 12noon Qi Nutrition & Qi Massage

Healing Internal Organs. Qi circulation and Qi equilibrium within the human body is the central premise to health and healing. Microbiologists now view the connective tissue fabric as a semiconductor and communication network that carry bioelectronic signals in the human body. It confirms the Qi energy pathway of traditional Chinese medicine. This session explores Qi nutrition for maintaining everyday health, and pulse reading to monitor internal organ’s health. Learn to use acupressure points and simple massage techniques to treat common aches & pains, and release stress.

1.00pm – 3.00pm Wushu Pole-Shaolin Lohan-Wushu Exercise.

Wushu Pole: Joints Mobility, Body Flexibility, and Falls Prevention

Shaolin Lohan Qigong: Muscle Tone and Leg Strength.

Wushu Exercises: Footwork-Waist-Power


Grandmaster Gary Khor: AATC Founder, 60 years’ experience. Author & Intl. Tai Chi Wushu Judge.

Master Aaron Khor: Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Health Science, NSW Chief Instructor.

Australian Academy of Tai Chi Tel : 9797 9355 0417 650 962

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