Master Monika Wong (WA)

At age 32 Master Monika Wong was diagnosed with Chronic Arthritis, prescribed a raft of pain killers and told that she had to learn to live with it.  It was hard going as she was also going through a mid-life crisis.

In September 1988, she read an advertisement in the local paper about Tai Chi.  It was an exercise regime from China and was supposed to be wonderful for all pains including Arthritis.  There was a class starting at our local club that evening, so she took herself along to find out just how wonderful it would be.

From the beginning of that first lesson she was hooked.  She loved every minute of each class.  During the second term she became a Class Assistant to my Instructors as she knew that she wanted to teach this great art as it had given her a new lease of life and was helping in alleviating the pain of Arthritis in my body.

In November 1989, she received her instructors badge from Grandmaster Khor. Her first class was at Hurstville. Later she would teach at Gymea, Annandale, Padstow, Liverpool, all in Sydney.


In 2000, due to work commitments she transferred to Perth, Western Australia, with her husband John Wong.  They opened their first class in September 2000 and established the Australian Academy of Tai Chi (WA Branch). 

The classes grew and soon they were teaching at Canning Vale, Ferndale, Riverton, Claremont, Willetton.  They also took on corporate classes which included:  The Tax Department, The Water Board, BHP, Homeswest and various ‘once only’ workshops.  Her all-time favourite, however, was Karnet Prison.  To get there was a 136-kilometre round trip, but the enjoyment that she got from teaching there was amazing. 

The prisoners were very respectful with her and even sought her out as a ‘Mother’ figure to tell her their problems.  As there was a confidentiality agreement, they were not allowed to name any of the students, however as he has passed away, she can say that Alan Bond was a most respectful student.  We still have contact with some of the other’s today.

One of her proudest moments was in 2007 when at the Australian Kung Fu/Wushu Tai Chi Games in Perth, she was awarded a Gold Medal for the Academy’s Dragon Phoenix Fan.

John and Monika returned to Sydney in 2010, due to family issues and took up classes in Roseville.  She was given the honour of being appointed Sydney Chief Instructor.  A position that she took very seriously.

They returned to Perth in 2013 and continue to teach today.  She has also trained in the Healing arts of Reiki and Longevitology. 

In 2017 the honour of being granted a Master Badge from Grandmaster Gary Khor cannot surpassed in this lifetime.

Master Monika Wong raised $1868.00 for Cancer Research with teaching Tai Chi in Perth, Western Australia. She is featured in the local newspaper of Perth Now. 

Master Monika Wong trains under Grandmaster Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor