Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses - Beginners


Beginners courses are available in almost every single class location in the Australian Academy of Tai Chi. The course generally runs for 1 hour once a week for 10 weeks following school terms.

Joining a beginners course teaches you the foundations of Tai Chi. You learn the correct leg positioning and weight transfer to allow your upper body to relax. Breathing techniques are taught in the classes to help with your movements. This enables the body to relax and you to feel calm.

Shibashi 1, 2, Lohan Qigong, Lotus Qigong, Tai Chi Level 1 are the classes that are suitable for beginners. Learning the beginners course will help prepare you for moving to the next stage.

Many of the movements are easy and simple. This makes it easy to repeat and remember the exercise. There are no long sequences of movements that need to be remembered as they can be practised in any order. 

Beginners courses are suitable for all people and ages. If you’re unable to do certain movements, you can do the exercises seated and still gain the benefits of Tai Chi. You can view some of our photos on our Instagram page Australian Academy of Tai Chi. 

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses - Intermediate

Intermediate courses are available in all locations. These classes are more suitable for students who have been learning Tai Chi for a while. Some classes are Beginners and Intermediate combined which is suitable for people in both groups.

Intermediate courses include Tai Chi Level 3 – 4, Lohan Qigong 2,  Shibashi X and Ba Gua Qigong (section 1 -2).

In these classes, students generally have learnt the basics of Tai Chi from the beginners class. They then progress to the intermediate classes as they begin practising the 108 Khor Tai Chi style form. 

The intermediate classes teach the next part of the Khor Tai Chi form that you had previously learnt in the beginners. Whilst there are warm up exercises and other movements included to keep practising the basics learn in the beginners courses. 

These classes are suitable for people who have experience in practising Tai Chi whether it is from another school or martial art. For students who have been learning with the Academy, it is suitable for all ages and anyone who has finished the beginners course and feel they are ready for the next level. Exercises can also be done seated which provides a different experience in using the body to exercise.  


Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses - Advanced


Advanced courses are available in certain classes. These are suitable for students who have been practising Tai Chi for over several years. It is also suitable for people who have learnt Tai Chi from other schools or places. The advanced classes involve learning the last two levels of the Khor Tai Chi form and practising the entire 108 movements. 

In these types of classes, students begin to grasp the idea of what ‘Moving Meditation’ really means in terms of exercise. The classes emphasise a lot on self-awareness, body control, relaxation, breathing, balance and intent. Other aspects are also brought in the teachings to enhance the individuals skill and ability. 

Some advanced classes offer the learning of weapons such as Sword, Fan, Flute or Pole. These classes are mainly suitable for those who have completed the whole 108 form and do regular practice.

Tai Chi level 5 and 6 are also taught in the advanced classes as they are the two hardest levels.Level 6 requires the use of the left hand side of the body which balances out all the other levels which use the right side. 

Instructor Training Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses

Instructors Training Courses are available to become an instructor with the Academy. Courses are offered in locations all over New South Wales, Queensland & Western Australia. Certificate and License is dated, renewal is upon expiry date. For more information, contact your local Instructor, head branch or Head office in Sydney.

Company Instructor Course:
Pre-Requisite: Attended one year of Tai Chi Classes. 
Obligation: Instruct classes for AATC for 2 years.
Involves monthly Instructor Training plus regular weekly Tai Chi Classes.

Tai Chi Instructor Short Course:
Involves 6 months instructor course training (includes weekly classes and monthly individual review).

External Instructor Training Course:
External professionals wishing to teach Australian Academy of Tai Chi Shibashi 1 – level 1. The course would include instructions on Shibashi 1 – Level 1, movements, techniques, contraindications of movements and benefits. Applicants need to purchase a Shibashi 1 Book and DVD and spend 2 weeks practising on their own prior to being graded.


Tai Chi Qigong Courses for Kids


Tai Chi classes for kids focus on teaching them self-awareness, body control, co-ordination, concentration, relaxation, breathing techniques and calming the mind. 

It involves a combination of teaching the basics in Wu Shu (Chinese Martial Arts) and Tai Chi. The basics involve learning the basic stances and positioning of the feet and body with corrections. This enables them to progress through the course more efficiently as they learn the basics. 

Generally the classes will run during school holidays and afternoons during school term. The term will run for 10 weeks and run for 1 hour once a week. 

Upon completion of learning the basics, depending on the level of the whole class, kids have an opportunity to learn Tai Chi weapons as they progress forward in their practices. 

Master Aaron Khor provides a combination of Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the classes. This provides kids with knowledge and understanding of why particular movements and skills are performed in a specific way. 

Online Video Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses

Online Video Courses can be accessed in our video courses tab. These courses allow you to take your practice anywhere you travel. You can play on any smart device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, Ipad, Laptop, Computer or TV. All videos are instructional with voice over of Grandmaster Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor. All movements are repeated 3 times enabling you to see clearly how to perform the movement correctly.

Beginners Package

– this is suitable for all people as you start off with learning the foundations of Tai Chi with Shibashi.

Tai Chi Intermediate package

– Shibashi foundations exercises including Tai Chi Level 1 – 3, Lotus Qigong, Shibashi X and Wu Shu for beginners.

Tai Chi Advanced Package

– includes Shibashi exercises, Wu Dang Five Animals Qigong, Tai Chi L4-6 and more internal exercises.

Tai Chi Package

– this package is for learning the sequence of Khor Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Qigong Package

– this package includes Qigong exercise videos and you can select 1 or 3 months subscription.

Tai Chi Weapons Package

– this package includes videos of Dragon Phoenix Fan, Horse Tail Whisk, Sword and others.

Tai Chi Master Package

– this is an advanced student level type  of package, it includes exercises in Ba Gua Qigong and all weapons learning different forms that are much harder than just the average Tai Chi form.


Zoom Tai Chi & Qi Gong Courses


Mindful Meditation classes help and teach you how to develop control of your mind. It is part of Tai Chi and draws on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories. It bases everything on how Qi is the vital essence of our lifeforce in our body. 

Learn Mindfulness and Meditation to strengthen your bodily systems with Tai Chi every Friday Morning. Master Aaron Khor combines Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories with Tai Chi. The sessions will help you to understand more about how the exercises affect the body. And how Tai Chi exercises build the bodily structure as well as boosting the immune system.

Train yourself to calm the mind and move the body at the same time. And this will help to improve your sleep, coordination, self awareness, wellbeing and mental health. Also, it is important to keep healthy and build the body’s immune system to fight off any disease.