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The World First Tai Chi Class finds inner peace atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sunrise Tai Chi on Top of Sydney Harbour Bridge This morning, The Australian Academy of Tai Chi made history by performing Tai Chi & Qigong on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At the break of dawn on the 2nd of May 2017, Grandmaster Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor led 14 climbers up the steps of the famous Sydney harbour. With the sun rising up the horizon, and a soft breeze sweeping the clouds across the sky, 15 Tai Chi silhouettes high above Sydney, moved in unison to the silent rhythm of the cosmic universe. This is Tai Chi heaven, a moving meditation flowing with the heavenly chi energy of the Great Australian Outdoor. Sunrise Tai Chi Over Sydney Harbour the With beautiful golden clouds above and a bright red orange sun rising above deep blue water, 16 Tai Chi silhouettes moved in unison to the silent rhythm of the cosmic breath. It is Tai Chi heaven, a meditation in motion flowing with the wave energy of the Great Australian Outdoor.

Tai Chi on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a experience of tranquility, peace and quiet. The feeling of Qi rising in the morning with the sun gave a wonderful feeling of Yang energy rising slowly to wake up the body. Yoga practitioners and other exercise experts joined us in this experience.  The Academy has also done classes at the Sydney opera House with up to 500 delegates of a corporate company. Delegates of the company said it gave them a boost to the start of their day making them feel energised.   

To view the video clip on You Tube, click on the link: Australian Academy of Tai Chi Harbour Bridge Climb

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You can learn the fan sequence performed on the summit of the harbour bridge. It will be taught at the Sydney Workshops and classes. The sequence is part of the newly created Yang Sheng Qigong Fan Set. Yang Sheng means Life Nourishment. Physical decline associated with aging is avoidable. Musculoskeletal ailments such as stiffness, bad back, chronic pain, fatigue, and even high blood pressure need never occur if you maintain conscious control of your nerves and muscles. Yang Sheng qigong can help you overcome the aches & pain and restore your previous healthy body.


Teacher/Instructor Training Courses

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi was established in 1976 and has been running for 44 years. 

Instructors Training Courses are available to become an instructor with the Academy.

Courses are offered in locations all over New South Wales, Queensland & Western Australia. 

Company Instructor Course: 
Pre-Requisite: Attended one year of Tai Chi Classes.
Obligation: Instruct classes for AATC for 2 years.

Involves monthly Instructor Training plus regular weekly Tai Chi Classes. 

Tai Chi Instructor Short Course:
Involves 6 months instructor course training (includes weekly classes and monthly individual review)

External Instructor Training Course: 
External professionals wishing to teach Australian Academy of Tai Chi Shibashi 1 – level 1. The course would includes instructions on Shibashi 1 – Level 1, movements, techniques, contraindications of movements and benefits. Applicants need to purchase a Shibashi 1 Book and DVD and spend 2 weeks practising on their own prior to being graded. 

Certificate and License is dated, renewal is upon expiry date.  

For more information, contact your local Instructor, head branch or Head office in Sydney. 

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