Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation in Tai Chi is a skill that takes time to learn. Contemplation, wisdom, mindfulness, healing , these words are now common parlance in education, business and the media. Mindful Meditation practices are regarded as new solutions for well-being and the fight against the negative, stressful and dehumanized aspects of urban life. More and more people around the world are meditating. Meditative practices are increasingly being used in healthcare, schools, and business, supported by the many scientific studies into it’s benefits for health and well-being, the magic we’ve been waiting for.

As for exercise, if it were available as a pill, experts say, everyone would be taking it. One reason is that exercise is very good at defusing stress. During exercise, stress hormones are burnt off just as nature intended, instead of letting them pile up. Regular exercise helps you ward off every-day stress. What’s more, slow rhythmic and mindful movements exercises such as Tai chi and Qigong elicit the relaxation response, and helps regulate blood pressure and the immune system. Feng Shui is another aspect that can greatly improve your exercise lifestyle as it has to do with the surrounding environment. 

A Tai Chi and Qigong session will leave you feeling calmer and more centred. Four components are triggered: movement, thought, sensation, and feeling. Slow mindful movements generate neurons in the brain which maps the sensations created in the body, particularly beneficial to people with strokes, children with cerebral palsy, and even autism. Slowness of movement is the key to awareness, and awareness is the key to learning. We can eliminate a lot of muscle tension in the body by using awareness to spot how we often, tense and use muscles that are not necessary for that movement With awareness and sensitivity, consciousness expands, and healing follows.


New research published in the Frontiers of Immunology Journal shows that mindful exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, and breathing exercises can reverse stress related changes in genes. While it is now accepted that exercises heal all sorts of illnesses and is vital for maintaining good health, the more effective healing techniques are still unknown to the general public and allied health workers. These techniques lie in the inner sanctum or deeper advance training system.

For example, in Tai Chi and Qigong most practitioners are satisfied or feels that they already know Tai Chi after learning how to exercise and flow with the movements, little realising that that merely scratches the surface of this incredible art or accessed the vast healing potential of the art. So, what lies beyond the surface of Tai Chi movements?

In Taoist exercises, the main purpose is to develop the human body, mind and its inner energy system and connect it to the outer bigger energy system of the universe. Cultivating this inner skill requires building a proper internal body structure after learning the external form known as Tai Chi movements. With proper inner structure and skill, Tai Chi art can be utilized to heal a vast number of physical and mental illnesses. Plus, when used defensively the Tai Chi movements can also function as a self-defence martial art.

Every Move You Make, and Every Breath You Take. Stretches Your Body and Lifts Your Spirit!
This statement has far more significance than you realised. With every movement, the brain first sends a signal to the appropriate muscle to contract, which then pulls on the bones. In the process, it also generates bodily heat and pumps the blood and the lymphatic immune system. In Mindful Meditation breathing, the brain summons the diaphragm and lung muscles into actions and moves air in and out of the lungs. This Mind-Body-Spirit (energy) synergy action is central to all Tai Chi and Qigong movement.

Mindful Meditation Tai Chi movements are deliberately performed in slow motion to stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments. Breathing helps to contract and expand the body, and to propel energy through the body, and up the spine (Kundalini) to lift the spirit. Techniques utilised include “Reeling in the silk thread”, “Thrusting Spinal energy”.

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