Seminar Retreat Voucher


The Seminar Retreat Voucher is a great gift to give to your friends or family. It gives them the opportunity to learn Tai Chi with special courses to heal the body. The courses are taught by Grandmaster Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor. Attending the seminar retreat will give individuals the experience of practising and learning Tai Chi with other people having the same interest. It is a great place to socialise and learn more about the art as exercise and theory are explained in detail. The teachings include Traditional Chinese Medicine theories linked to Tai Chi, enhancing your understanding of specific movements and terms. Western Medicine aspects are explained in the sessions, making it easier for people to relate and understand the meanings. Understand and learn about how Qi functions internally, what is Qi and why it is a fundamental of the body. Other sessions include special massage techniques, Chinese Medicine Food Nutrition, Five Animal Frolic exercises to stretch the body, Anti-Virus Qigong exercises to prevent illnesses, Bodhidharma’s sinew transformation exercise set to strengthen the tendons, ligaments and muscles, Falls prevention exercises that can be useful for yourself or others who have difficulty with balancing, and learn the Wild Goose Qigong set. The Wild Goose Qigong is an exercise set that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture points in relation to the exercise. These points have specific functions and aid the body in healing with Tai Chi and Qigong.

Please provide details of the person you are buying this voucher for including – Name, Mobile Number and E-mail address when purchasing.

All Vouchers are to be confirmed with Headoffice for validation.

Vouchers cannot be transferred to another person. Each voucher is only valid for one person per purchase and for one use. Expiration date is generally one year from purchase. Vouchers can only be used within the 1 term. Vouchers cannot be carried on over to another term.