Tao Yin DVD


Tao Yin DVD is suitable  for beginners! This DVD is performed by Grandmaster Gary Khor, each movement is performed and repeated 3 times showing you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Grandmaster Khor’s voice over explaining the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD goes together with the Dao Yin learning aid booklet as a visual to help you learn.

The set of exercises in this DVD are very simple and easy to follow. The exercises teach you to be calm and relaxed, centering the Qi back into the Dan Tien (energy reservoir) where the source is located just 1.5cm below the naval. Movements help to stimulate blood flow which nourishes and heals the internal bodily systems whilst improving the function of the organs as well. Immune system is boosted through this exercise in fighting off pathogens as blood can flow freely throughout the entire body. Movements should be performed with care and slowly.