Five Animals Qigong


The Five Animals Qigong Frolics is an exercise that was created by the legendary Chinese Medicine Doctor, Hua Tuo. He developed the Five Animal Frolics exercises based on animals he observed in nature. The exercises focus on the movement of Qi and Blood helping the circulation increase reaching to the extremities and back to the center of the body. It uses the acupuncture points and meridian channel pathways to stimulate healing internally. Each movement imitates a wild animal combining the physical with mental exercises. The exercises are simple to follow and focus on strengthening muscles and bones, promote circulation of Qi and blood, prevents and cures diseases, maintains good health prolongs life span.

The practice of the Five Animal Frolics can be divided into two groups: one emphasises the physical exercise of the trunk and limbs to strengthen the body constitution. This is called “external exercise”. The other emphasises mental exercises which imitate the spiritual activities and expressions of animals, to stimulate mental activity; this is called “internal exercise”. The former division can be further divided into two groups. Vigorous practice mainly for self-defense is called “Five Animal Boxing”, which can also be used for treating illness by means of pounding or massaging. When performed gently and gracefully, with the aim of strengthening the body constitution and improving the spiritual mood, it is called “Five Animal Dance”.