Lotus Qigong


Lotus Qigong DVD is suitable  for beginners! This DVD is performed by Grandmaster Gary Khor, each movement is performed and repeated 3 times showing you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Grandmaster Khor’s voice over explaining the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD goes together with the Lotus Qigong learning aid booklet as a visual to help you learn.

The Lotus Tai Chi qigong exercise is often used as a ‘cool down’ exercise after practising Tai Chi or other forms of Qigong. It is, however, much more than this and may be used as a “warm up” or event a stand-alone Qigong. The exercise uses many Tai Chi principles and is used as part of training the body. It is very useful for children, as it is easy to learn, and children find the mental imagery appealing. The relaxation engendered can assist the concentration and emotional stability.

The exercise helps to relax the body, reduce stress through stretching and releasing techniques, stimulate the cardiovascular system, enhance diaphragmatic breathing and improve postural alignment.