Tai Chi Level 5


Tai Chi Level 5 DVD is suitable  for advanced students! This DVD is performed by Grandmaster Gary Khor, each movement is performed and repeated 3 times showing you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Grandmaster Khor’s voice over explaining the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD goes together with the Tai Chi Level 5 learning aid booklet as a visual to help you learn.

This is a detailed DVD of the Khor Tai Chi 108 form. This is the fifth section of the set with detailed movements and instructions by Grandmaster Gary Khor. The DVD also provides methods of breathing and co-ordination. This fifth section is best for advanced students with when learning Tai Chi. The movements at this stage is a lot more difficult with the coordination and balancing techniques required. Placement of the foot is very important at this stage, it is a continuation of Level 4.