Shibashi 1


Shibashi 1 teaches you the foundations of Tai Chi. This DVD is suitable and recommended for beginners. This DVD is performed by Grandmaster Gary Khor. Each movement is performed and repeated 3 times. The DVD shows you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Grandmaster Khor’s voice over. The DVD explains the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD goes together with the Qi Gong Shibashi 1 learning aid booklet as a visual to help you learn.

Shibashi (十八式) literally means ’18 movements’ or techniques. Qi Gong is the skill of moving and controlling Qi within the body. The Qi Gong Shibashi 1 exercises are modified by Grandmaster Gary Khor into a health plan. Designed to cultivate relaxation and energy, and a gentle physical and mental workout for the whole human body. Qi Gong Shibashi 1 can be performed as a continuous, flowing sequence or as 18 separate movements (as shown in this DVD). This DVD will give you the basic foundations of Tai Chi. The exercises strengthen the muscles of the legs. These include the quadriceps, hamstrings, gastronemius muscles and glutes. It also addresses postural alignment, breathing, weight transfer and meditation whilst moving. In approach to learning Qi Gong Shibashi 1, you should practice two movements each week. The movements can be performed in a continuous flowing sequence or individually. To start with, learn the shape of the movement, together with the associated imagery. This will make it easier to remember. When you feel comfortable with that, then introduce the breathing pattern. Once these basics have been learned, you will then be able to focus on the finer points and principle.

Health Benefits:
Your mind will feel clearer after practising and repeating movements several times. The lightness and comfortability will help increase your memory. This will improve your sleep pattern, feel more alert and energetic during the day (These beneficial effects are brought about by the abundance of oxygen supplied to the brain cells and to other cells throughout the body). The function of the heart and lungs will improve as your breathing rate is consistent and blood circulation is moving freely. In the chest region, a feeling of abundant energy may occur (Zhong Qi) reflecting the movement of Qi. You will feel your legs become stronger as you are using the muscles during the exercise. The movements will help to improve your co-ordination. Stress levels will be reduced as the therapeutic effect makes you calm.

  1. Physical – Tai Chi exercises develop the physical body to its natural potential in health and fitness, co-ordination in movements, sensitivity and balance, body-control and self-discipline.
  2. Mental – The physical control and stability is reflected on the mental state in the form of a balanced mind, capable of making rational decisions and taking responsibilities. The mind is active, free and spontaneous. Tai Chi energy meditation stimulates and clears the mind. The flowing movements calm the spirit, sharpens the mental faculty and improve the sensitivity and awareness.
  3. Emotional – Good breathing, proper balance and positive mental state, stabilises the emotion. The physical and mental exercise gives proper channelling to the emotional energy. Tai Chi stimulates and releases ‘blocked’ energy and facilitates positive expression.
  4. Spiritual – The philosophy of Yin-Yang balance is inherent in all phases of growth and development. Tai Chi in its highest application teaches the principles of natural and spiritual growth. It enables the practitioner through increased awareness to examine his/her life situation with a more positive and realistic viewpoint and gives him/her the will and the way to improve the aims and lifestyle.

Whilst practising, do not over exert yourself in any particular movement. Practice with caution and feeling of your body. If there is pain or discomfort, stop and readjust, slow down and try again. In all movements, make sure to breathe regularly. Do not hold your breath whilst trying to follow movements.
Upon completing the exercises in this DVD. You can move on to Qi Gong Shibashi II.