Wu Dang Sword


Wu Dang Sword – This DVD is suitable  for advanced students! This DVD is performed by Master Aaron Khor, each movement is performed and repeated 3 times showing you the details of how to step, place the foot and move the body along with the hands. The DVD is instructional with Master Aaron Khor’s voice over explaining the movements along with breathing techniques. This DVD is a sword set that is a much faster form requiring quick and smooth movements with co-ordination. The exercise set is a Wu Dang style sword and has many low stances included.

The sword set is beneficial for the wrist, lower limbs of the body, waist and body control, relaxation, focus and calming of the mind. Many of the movements enhance blood flow which stimulates the change in the body to build up Qi and Blood. Wu Dang Sword is a body of Chinese straight sword techniques—famous in China—encompassed by the Wu Dang Quan or internal martial arts. The oldest reputable accounts of Wu Dang Sword begin with Grandmaster Sung Wei-I around the turn of the 20th century.