Healthy Joints Exercises


Healthy Joints Exercises – When we talk of suppleness and flexibility, the images that are likely to spring to mind are those of a gymnasts and yoga teacher performing various incredible contortions of their bodies. The health objective in this book is about the development and maintenance of that degree of suppleness and flexibility necessary to live a “quality” life. This is the type of suppleness and flexibility that allows us to turn a door knob, climb steps, play gold, tennis and the like, hold a pen or paintbrush, work with tools and do the gardening or housework. To be able to do these activities with pleasure rather than with pain and discomfort.

This book provides information and methods through a Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi perspective in healing. A more holistic approach with techniques for joint circulation, two way stretching technique and stress release. Nourish the body with warming function of blood increasing the build up of Qi.