Shibashi 2 Book


Shibashi 2 Book (十八式) literally means ’18 movements’ or techniques. The Shibashi exercises are modified by Grandmaster Gary Khor into a health plan, designed to cultivate relaxation and energy, and a gentle physical and mental workout for the whole human body. Whilst long-established forms such as Tai Chi are recognised for their benefits, it was felt that many people had difficulty in coping with the number and complexity of the movements involved. Shibashi was, therefore, an attempt to refine the essence and basic principles of movements within Tai Chi and related arts into a set that was easy to learn and perform.

The Shibashi exercises were modified by Grandmaster Gary Khor into a comprehensive health plan, designed to cultivate health and energy in every part of the body. The Australian Academy of Tai Chi (AATC) then introduced Shibashi into its curriculum for much the same reasons for which it was developed. Primarily, however, it was seen as a way of aiding sutdents in understanding and practising the basic principles of healthy movement in an interesting and enjoyable way. The Shibashi movements proved so popular that a second set was developed, Shibashi 2.

Shibashi 2 allows the student to have the same exposure to the basic principles of movement as Shibashi 1 but through a different series of movements and with a little more emphasis on balance and muscle toning. This second form thus provides a natural flow on from its forerunner for those students who wish to learn more about Qigong, or for those who feel they are still not ready to move on to the Tai Chi.