Yi Jin Jing


The Yi Jin Jing (Translasted as “Tendon Changing or Sinew Transforming Yoga) is attributed to Bodhidarma, the most famous abbot of Shaolin temple and dates back to the 6th Century AD. This book written by Grandmaster Gary Khor provides exercises and a set that helps to strengthen the sinews, bones, bone marrow, blood circulation and nourishment of Qi and Blood. It focuses on specific breathing techniques which help to perform the movements and make it more relaxing focusing on the respiratory system. It also focuses on meditation techniques whilst performing the movement like a moving meditation exercises. The breathing will enhance the flow of Qi and Blood whilst calming the body feeling rooted to the ground and relaxed in the upper part of the body. The exercise also has a significant influence on the body posture with balance and co-ordination included to have the body functioning correctly. It then helps to stimulate the lymph nodes and boost the immune system fighting off external pathogens that try to enter the body.