Shaolin Qi Massage


Shaolin Qi Massage – Chi is the animating energy of the universe that drives all activity any processes. When we talk about Chi in Qi massage, we are focusing on the flow and circulation of Qi within the human body. In Chinese terms, any sickness or illness is due to a blockage or disturbance in the natural flow of Qi. Perhaps even more important is that our sense of vitality and well-being, our ability to enjoy life and have abundant energy for our work, play and relationships depends on us having abundant and freely flowing Qi.

The foot contains 26 bones, 114 ligaments and 20 muscles, hands and arms are all very important ACUPRESSURE/massage regions because:
– Six of 12 organ meridians start or terminate in the hands and flow through the arms
– A number of important acupuncture points on these meridians lie either on or close to the hands
– The hands have a whole system of reflexology that can relate to all other parts of the body
– A set of extraordinary meridians flow down to the hands and part of the greater heavenly circulation flows down through the arms to the hands and returns

While often regarded simply as a means of locomotion, the feet have a tremendous capacity for fine manipulative movement and people who have lost the use of their hands can train themselves to write and even paint with their feet.