Healthy Lifestyle Book


Healthy Lifestyle Book notes are designed to help educate and maintain with exercise overall health and vitality. The exercises provide techniques to combat the common health problems our modern lifestyle. Each chapter focuses on physical exercises, acupressure massage, breathing techniques & postural techniques. Many exercises have multiple benefits and are found in different lessons. The content in this book is drawn from the Australian Academy of Tai Chi’s diploma courses on Tai Chi and Qigong. Qi Massage and Feng Shui are included in this book. All exercises are performed within the participants own comfort level. You should leave each session feeling refreshed and revitalised. The Tai Chi exercises provide a continuous flow of movements that are easy to follow and practice. The slower the movements are performed, the more benefits the individual obtains.

Most people take up Tai Chi because they have heard it is relaxing. It has the ability to reduce stress results in increased general health and well being. Few are aware that this health exercise system is also beneficial to:
1. The heart and circulatory system
2. Respiratory System
3. Digestive and eliminative system
4. Immune System
5. Muscles and Connective Tissues
6. Spine and Back
7. Falls Prevention
8. Internal organs
9. Eyes
10. Joints
11. Skeletal System
12. Weight Management
13. State of psychological and well being fatigue and description

Each of these areas is dealt within in this workshop and described in the notes within the book under the sections listed above. The book is designed to help people understand the exercises better in relation to their body. The exercises are suitable for all people or all ages. Whilst practising the exercises, Qi Gong is another aspect that is happening at the same time.