Introduction to Tai Chi


Introduction to Tai Chi – Grandmaster Gary Khor E.A is the founder/director of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi (AATC). With 10,000 members, and more than a hundred branches throughout Australia, it is the largest Tai Chi instruction organisation outside China. His annual research and study tour to China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the U.S.A. makes him one of the most widely educated Tai Chi masters in the world.

Grandmaster Khor was born in Malaysia. His interest in Chinese culture, exercises and sport began at an early age and culminated in the founding of the AATC in 1977 in Sydney, Australia. A prolific writer for health journals, newspapers and magazines, he is also known for his regular “Tai Chi at Dawn” program on Sydney radio station 2JJJ and his appearances on national television. The continuing success of Grandmaster Khor’s instruction manual for beginners in Australia, New Zealand, America, Singapore and Malaysia confirms his view that even those without access to a teacher can learn something from this gentle healing art.

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