Yin Yang Sword Book


Yin Yang Sword Book – Tai Chi Jian teaches you how to use a weapon or item as an extension of the body benefiting the joints, motor skills, control, reaction time, flexibility, strength and blood circulation. Tai Chi Sword reinforces the principles and techniques learned in Tai Chi and:
– Enhances muscular control and co-ordination
– Enhances Qi Control
– Enhances Yi and Shen Power
– Provides an additional aesthetically pleasing exercise system

The enhancement of muscular control and co-ordination that can be provided by the practice of Tai Chi Sword can be easily demonstrated by performing a Tai Chi exercise such as “Brush Knee, Press Palm”. The pressing palm can look like a smooth flowing motion and without any evidence of lack of smoothness and control the movement is not likely to be further refined. Using a sword in the hand and doing a similar forward thrusting movement becomes a little more difficult and different. The Jian Feng (Sword Tip) of the sword seems to weave and bob accentuating the small imperfections in the movement. This makes the individual focus on their body control and movement in using the sword more accurately while it helps to move Qi and Blood when focusing by projecting.

Practising Tai Chi Jian helps to improve the Yi and Shen (Intent and Spirit). The Yi is energy of the mind in the sense of willpower, focus and control. Shen is the energy of emotions in the sense of spirit, vitality and sense of well being. Just as we use exercise techniques in Tai Chi to enhance these energies so we can further develop and enhance them with the use of the sword.